O Cosmétiques was founded in 2019 by Licensed Esthetician and Beauty Blogger Olia Majd of Love, Olia. Growing up with an Esthetician mother, she has been surrounded by the skin care world her entire life. She initially went to college, got her degree as an Accountant and worked in the field for about 2 years until realizing it was not the route she wanted to take with her life. She then made the decision to return back to school to become a Licensed Esthetician, follow in her mother's footsteps and enter into the world of beauty.

Through her time as an Esthetician, Olia worked alongside her mother perfecting her trade and treating many different types of skin, specializing in problem/acne prone skin and learning the ins and outs of the field. After starting her blog to help women all over the world and gaining a following of over five hundred thousand, she sought out to combine her knowledge of skin care to create a line of products that she felt could make a difference in the market. That is where O Cosmétiques came to be.


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